Brand License

In the following sections you will find all the basic information you need to know about the RENT4FUN license.

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Why do we give this information of so much value for free?

You'll probably be thinking that could have a trap or some small letter, but it doesn’t. The only thing we ask in return for helping you to decide if this is truly your business, is to be your equipment, products and image supplier.

We hope this guide will be useful and you can start your own rentals business.


We are not a simple bike rental!

RENT4FUN is a totally new and pioneering concept worldwide, of leisure, sports and mobility, which can be adapted to the needs or characteristics of each city or zone, suitable for all ages at affordable prices.

Right now, there is a growing demand of products related to personal urban mobility as well as tourist activities and outdoor leisure, so RENT4FUN has united all these needs in a unique concept, so our clients can enjoy of new experiences continuously.

The client is who decides what to rent and for how much time, from 15 minutes up to several days, always at affordable prices.

In our shops you can rent anything you can think of.

The most usual to rent are bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, rollerblades, segways, tandems, hoverboards, mobility scooters or the last electric device that has come out on the market.

But if you are located in a coastal area you can add water activities such as paddle surfs, kayaks, jet skis, boats, flyboard, hydro-pedals and many others.

If you want to go a little further, you can even rent cars, motorcycles, helicopters, yachts, etc. As far as your imagination and budget allows.

But suppose you live between mountains and there are only ski resorts, no problem! You Can rent skis, snowboards, sleds, etc.

We cover a wide range of products asked by the leisure and rental consumers, that are always looking for new activities and experiences to test, without the need to go to specialized stores in each of these activities or the need to buy the product.

We consider ourselves as the leisure supermarkets, the place to be visited by any resident or tourist who looks for a different experience or fun as you won't find another place with such a wide range where to choose as in RENT4FUN.


The "Brand License" is a very recent term, so let's try to clarify with as much detail as possible this business option.

What is a Brand License?

Here we explain the following points:

  • It looks like a franchise, but with much more flexibility.
  • You have the right to use the brand and the concept.
  • You pay an annual amount but no royalty, nor canon input, nor commissions of your sales.
  • For this amount you have the right to use our name, designs, marketing tools, advertising campaigns, etc.
  • We help you with acquisition of the products, spare parts, etc.
  • RENT4FUN acts as a consultant and supplier. Just like in the franchise, a group supports you helping to start your business without having to invent anything.
  • While you use the brand, you have the commitment to acquire the brand products. Although you will be free to sell/rent only what interests you and also you can complete your range with other non-brand products.

 How RENT4FUN offers the same as a franchise without charging Royalties?

RENT4FUN is a manufacturer and distributor of the products that rents in their own shops, our business is in selling our products and our image. Most franchises have to buy the products to distributors (like RENT4FUN) and have to earn their profit by collecting royalties, which RENT4FUN doesn’t need to do, since we are manufacturers and/or distributors of the products.

In Summary

Belonging to the chain, you take advantage of all designs, offers, promotions, posters, flyers, etc., as you can also take advantage of the new products that are created for the company. In other words, you have all the advantages of a franchise, but without being tied up, pay royalties for sales or advertisement.


What are the main advantages?

1. Value of a Brand. The value of the brand is fundamental and one of the most valued aspects by the future licensed. Undoubtedly, the brand transfers to the customer a confidence and security in the acquired product that translates into its main added value.

Penetrate in the market through a recognized brand benefits the licensed in two aspects: on one hand, it avoids the strong economic, technical and human investment that implies introducing a new brand in the market; and on the other, it allows you to invest with greater guarantees of success as it does on a brand already established and that works successfully.

2. Professional Support. We give You all the support you need, in:

  • The corporate Image;
  • The operation of the business in general;
  • The products you must rent;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Campaigns for promotions, marketing and publicity.

3. In Addition, you take advantage of our:

  • Experience in assembling and manage rental shops
  • Continued professional care and support
  • Brand image
  • Graphic designs of posters, flyers, cards, posters, signs, etc.
  • Customized uniforms
  • Wide range of products for rent, spare parts and accessories, with important discounts
  • Continuous expansion of our updated products with market novelties;
  • Single supplier and one invoice
  • Pre-programmed TPV System to control sales and management
  • Simplified system of global orders online, all orders on a single account;
  • Logistic System, we can ship the products directly to each store.

What requirements do I need to be a RENT4FUN licensed?

There are no minimum requirements, you only have to take care and believe in the brand RENT4FUN with the same affection and passion with which we have created it. Are a trademark license, in which we do not charge fees of entry or Royalties. You Only pay for what you need and we allow you to make your own decisions and choices in different areas of the business.

How does the contract work?

In RENT4FUN there is no reservation contracts or contracts with small print. There is only one contract that will be in effect from the moment you formalize the purchase of the initial package.

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract has a minimum duration of two years. After this time the contract will remain in effect while you continue using the brand, ie. while the business is called RENT4FUN and have logos, posters, use of flyers, cards, marketing media, products etc. in short, as long as the RENT4FUN Brand is used and exploited in any medium.

What if past the two years I want to cancel the contract?

If you want to cancel the license agreement, there would be no problem, but you would have to proceed to remove the whole link with the RENT4FUN Brand.

Why else would the contract be cancelled?

We proceed to remove the brand and cancel the contract if we check that it is making an incorrect or improper use of the brand.

How will RENT4FUN standards be monitored?

Periodically, someone from our central team will visit all RENT4FUN places, to verify that all our standards are being fulfilled and if we see something that we dislike we will inform you.


Where should I open a RENT4FUN?

Maybe this is the most interesting point, we will open a horizon of possibilities beyond a store. Let’s Start!

  1. Store. You can open a store in your own property, rented or purchased.
  2. Kiosk (Fixed or Mobile). You can put a Kiosk in a place where lot of people pass or next to some tourist site, as long as you can get the permissions for it.
  3. Corner Shop. This is the most interesting point, you can put small corner shops in different places, as a complement to your main business, for example, in hotels, beach bars, shops, restaurants, malls, or any other place.
  4. Partner Shop. Consists to have a main store with several places called "Partner", for example, in hotels, previous agreement. The hotel lends you a space to put your products and also takes the management of rents in exchange of a commission on sales made.
  5. If you already have a rental shop. If you already have a store that is dedicated to rentals, we can improve your business, Changing the image of your business to RENT4FUN, adding new products or just selling or renting products RENT4FUN without changing your name.

As you can see there is an infinity of possibilities to implant RENT4FUN!

The keys of the Location:

  • You need a comfortable place and with enough space to keep all the products you have in mind to rent;
  • With much visibility and accessibility to the street;
  • In an environment with consumer establishments (Bars, Shops etc.);
  • Placed on a commercial area and with ample pedestrian flow, ie. If you are located in a coastal area the ideal place is on the Boardwalk;
  • Where you can have a wide opening hour to the public. The longer you are open, more hours you can offer to rent and more incomes you can get.

 Can I have more than one RENTFUN store?

Yes, without any problem, you can have several RENT4FUN shops, or have a main shop and several Corner Shops, or have several kiosks, you choose.

What if I already have a rental store?

I Want To keep my name, but I would like to buy RENT4FUN products. 

As mentioned above, if you prefer to keep your own brand, even so, you can be a RENT4FUN licensed and take advantage of our advantages only with the commitment of purchase our products.

Keep in mind that we always recommend using the brand RENT4FUN, this way you can take advantage also on all the designs, posters, signs, flyers, cards and promotions that our graphic design department designs for the whole chain, as well as marketing and advertising campaigns. In Addition to all the professional support in the management of your business.


What is the initial investment?

The initial investment depends on the size you want to start your RENT4FUN store.

Currently we have several predesigned packs, depending on the space you have, from such a small amount as 5.000,00€, or even may be inferior. We will present you all the packs and obviously you will be able to modify them and personalize them to your liking, or we can make you a custom quotation.

And after the initial investment?

After the first year, if you reach the minimum amount of annual purchases established depending on the pack you have chosen, you won’t have to pay anything. If you don't reach the minimum amount, you will have to pay the annual fee established depending on your pack (but we do not rule out possible offers).

To understand numerically what we are talking about, In the annexes, you'll find a sample detailed about what we have explained before.

How can I finance myself?

We work with a low proportion of capital, requiring a little significant investment. If you have money or personal savings it will be perfect! If not, you can look for financing on your own, for this were created the banks. Also, the banks we work with can help you more easily.


After Many studies we have decided not to franchise RENT4FUN. Why?

From our point of view, the franchise has many advantages, but it also has many disadvantages. Because of its many disadvantages we considered it as an outdated option, not flexible and with many limitations and commitments, as well as requiring a large financial outlay by the franchisee. 

For this reason, we decided to work in a licensing system, which takes advantage of all the advantages of the franchise, but without its commitments and disadvantages.

 Advantages of the franchise:

  • By marking the range of products, you do not have to worry about anything, you get everything done, from the design of the shop to the designs of flyers, etc.;
  • The whole range of products is served and established by the main central;
  • You will only make 1 order to 1 supplier;
  • Have a team dedicated to studying the market and continuously launching new campaigns and products to attract more customers and raise incomes;
  • The power of the brand, having many stores promoting the same brand, this brand takes a lot of strength in the market;
  • High discounts, for manufacturing/buying large quantities for all franchised stores.

Disadvantages of the franchise:

  • Are charged initial and yearly canons
  • Are charged billing royalties
  • Are charged advertising royalties
  • You must do a pre-reservation contract
  • You must follow a procedure guide
  • Obligation and prohibition: you must sell a range of products marked by the franchise, and prohibited to sale other products that do not enter in the products package.

The success of a rental store depends on many factors, but we are going to give you our opinion about why some of them have closed or aren’t profitable:

  • The image. A good image will incite a customer to enter or not in your business. A good rule is to think: Would I go into this business if it wasn't mine? And look at the business like you're a customer who sees it for the first time. The good image of the shop is one of the most important values of a license since having a good and careful image, will attract to customers.
  • Originality. Trying to copy your closest competitors is not the smartest option. You have to be original and make a difference from the rest.
  • Quality Products. You have to offer the customer a good product, so your clients will enjoy it and will rent it again.
  • Limitations. Don't limit your business to just to rent bikes. Add new products, innovate, listen to customers requests, so you keep the appeal of the business and the customers will return with the desire to try the latest novelty you've brought.
  • Purchase from a professional. It Is important to acquire the material to a professional, who understands and works in the sector, because it is not the same to buy a bicycle or a scooter for personal use than for a constant rental use, requires more specific technical characteristics, as well as spare parts due to the wear, and this can only be offered by a professional like RENT4FUN.

In Summary

In our opinion, some of the companies or brands close for one or more of the following reasons: lack of organization, design, erroneous or poor-quality products, poor assistance service, lack of variety, high prices and, above all: starting a business without the experience or the professional support it requires.