Profitability and Investment

Is a leisure and mobility rental business profitable?

Every business has a chance to succeed or fail. Leisure and mobility rental companies can generate a lot of money when they run properly. More often, people are looking for new economic ways to have fun and get around, which means that this is the right time to start a leisure rental business. Still, as a future owner of a rental company you must investigate before starting the business to make sure that there is a local market for it. With a bit of luck, hard work and good business planning, with this concept you can earn money and succeed.

In addition, one of the great advantages that we have commented above, is that it has a low initial cost since a RENT4FUN license can be started from 5.000,00€. It is an affordable amount for many small business owners, which means they won't have to borrow a lot of money to get the business and start.

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment depends on the size you want to start your RENT4FUN store.

Currently we have several predesigned packs, depending on the space you have, from such a small amount as 5.000,00€, or even may be inferior. We will present you all the packs and obviously you will be able to modify them and personalize them to your liking, or we can make you a custom quotation.

And after the initial investment?

After the first year, if you reach the minimum amount of annual purchases established depending on the pack you have chosen, you won’t have to pay anything. If you don't reach the minimum amount, you will have to pay the annual fee established depending on your pack (but we do not rule out possible offers).

To understand numerically what we are talking about, In the annexes, you'll find a sample detailed about what we have explained before.

How can I finance myself?

We work with a low proportion of capital, requiring a little significant investment. If you have money or personal savings it will be perfect! If not, you can look for financing on your own, for this were created the banks. Also, the banks we work with can help you more easily.

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